7 Best Background Wallpaper Apps For Android in 2019

In the way of transition of mobile phones, the most decorative innovation is the wallpapers. Not only it gives the home screen and lock screens a new look every day, but also it makes them dynamic. In earlier days, the google search of images only used to provide a range of wallpapers.

You need to download them and then set them as your wallpaper. But sometimes the size and resolution was a misfit. Android apps are also not staying behind in providing you with a wallpaper of your choice.

You can get grab any wallpaper for android but why not search some best wallpaper apps for android and rejuvenate your screens?

Top 7 Most Beautiful Wallpaper Apps For Android

1. Backgrounds HD


We start first with Background HD which has appeared long back and remaining in the android market still. Its extensive database of wallpaper for Android gives you a full option along with some old wallpapers which are the premier of wallpaper arena but not so premium in quality.

Besides, Background HD is increasing their collection daily giving the user to change their screens as and when required with updated android wallpaper. One additional feature which is worth mentioning is they allow the user to upload their picture to the app and there is an option that your wallpaper can be selected in their database.

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All these have made Background HD as one of the charming apps and termed as one of the Best wallpaper apps For Android.

2. Resplash


Resplash is a new app providing its user Wallpapers For Android, and it has gained enormous popularity within a short time. The app is loaded with best photographs from worlds best professional photographers gives you the privilege to get their photos for free.

The app gas a simple user interface of black and white theme and you can set the wallpaper directly from the app. Like other apps, you can choose one random wallpaper at a specified interval updated automatically.

The best function of this app which makes in the list of best wallpaper app for android is, you can download raw images from the app. You can use these images for further experiments with other photo editing app and make a unique feeling. Precisely this is another excellent app in the jungle of android wallpaper, and you can take credit of them for free.

3. Tapet


When most of the wallpaper app provides a category of the wallpaper in their collection, Tapet gives you the option to choose by design and colour of the wallpaper. Tapet is another best wallpaper app for Android which comes with the wallpaper generated with math functions through your chosen pattern and colour. Also, each model creates a variety of unique wallpapers based on your choice. You can avail this wide range of customisation in the free version of the app.

However, if you are ready to pay for the app, then you get additional features. The best part of the app is that these wallpapers are not a collection of wallpapers from the web. These wallpapers are generated exclusively in your device for you only. Therefore isn’t it the best wallpaper app for android?

4. Walli


Walli is not just a collection of wallpaper of traditional genre. You can find some most creative wallpapers generated and distributed through their app. The paid version costs minor compared to another big wallpaper app.

With their new feature introduced recently, the app takes the total charge of your wallpaper section and amaze you with their random changing wallpapers. You need not to worry about the quality as these wallpapers are HD wallpaper for android. All these features have gained full recognition from Google and made it the most popular wallpaper app for android of this time.

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Another striking function that is available with the app is to show your creativity and create some wallpaper of their category. One can get paid through this and also gain recognition. In totality, Walli is a big contestant in the race of best wallpaper app for android.

5. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

wallpapers hd 4k backgrounds

When you are in search of a 4k wallpaper for mobile, then you must pay a visit to Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds. The images found in this app if HQ, full HD 1080p and ultra HD 4k suitable to the screen size of your mobile. As claimed by the developers you can get one new wallpaper every hour.

As the app display is similar to the size of your screen, the usage of your internet traffic and also the usage of battery is optimised. The trending feature of the app provides you with the current trendy wallpaper and keeps you updated. Therefore enhance your experience with HD wallpaper for android through the app, and it will fulfil all your demand and transform your device into an updated look.

6. Best Wallpapers QHD

best wallpapers qhd

When you are in search of 4k wallpaper for mobile another app which is a must try is Best Wallpaper QHD. With their large number of QHD series wallpaper stock this android app has gained a place as best wallpaper app for android.

So if you are not bothered about other quality and huge number and has a taste of high-quality wallpaper only, Best Wallpaper QHD is your choice.

7. Muzei Live Wallpaper

muzei live wallpaper

If there is any wallpaper app which is open source and allows to integrate other wallpaper apps that will be on high demand to the android developers. Muzei Live Wallpaper is one such app which testifies with all the above statement.

Apart from all other features which you aim in other Android wallpaper apps, this app has a watch face for your Android gear which allows you to see your currently loaded wallpaper in tour phone through your gear.


When it comes to personalisation of your phone home screen and lock screen, it is an individual choice. Your wallpaper is the best reflection of your mood. Therefore it is highly recommendable to keep a few of the apps from the above list of best wallpaper app for android and stay allured.

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How to Split Screen on Windows 10? Step By Step Guide

How to do split screen on windows 10? Windows 10 has too many amazing features that make your work very easy and productive. Many people do the multitasking on the windows. Splitting our desktop screen makes any kind of multitasking job way easy.

If you are doing any important work on your desktop PC or laptop and you need to use multiple application, then you can split your screen and use multiple applications at the same time. Now you think, to split screen windows 10 we need multiple desktop screen and we have only one screen then how to split screen on windows 10?

There are some traditional ways to use multiple apps, like ALT+TAB shortcut or resizing and arranging windows. You can show windows side by side windows 10 desktop screen even if you have a single screen. Windows 10/8/7 has some interesting settings that help you to split multiple application windows in a single screen. Check out following fascinating way and find the solution for how to split screen on windows 10.

Windows 10 split screen is an in-built function known as windows snap assist or windows 10 snapping. Placing more than two windows side by side in windows 10 is very simple. Pursue the following steps to split screen windows 10

Tip: – If there are only two apps to screen split windows 10, then select one from them and drag it to the left side of a screen and release the mouse button when you see the flashing of transparent box outline. Do the same thing with another window, drag it to the right side of the screen. Those both apps cover half-half part of the screen and show windows side by side windows 10 desktop.

Step By Step Guide – Snap Screen in Windows 10

If you are working with only a single window and it is not maximized to the full screen then just drag it to the top of the desktop and release the mouse button, it will be maximized automatically.

Step 1 – if you have three or more running windows, select and click anyone window app from them and drag it to the right bottom corner of the desktop. You can see that a transparent box quick flashes for fraction of second, then release the mouse button. Similarly, drag all windows to the right bottom corner.


Step 2 – Press windows button + left arrow button, the last dragged windows will automatically get placed on the left half screen. Now arrange all windows as your convenience by using windows button + right/left/up/down arrow button.

step 2

Tip: – Now you can arrange all those windows in a single screen. After arranging them you can still resize them on the screen by dragging the border of a windows.

So, this is only the solution for how to snap screen on windows 10. We think there is no need to tell you about to do it vertically or horizontally because you can set windows as you want by using the windows button and arrows.

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Windows 10 comes with the default enabled settings of the Windows 10 split screen. But in case if your device is not splitting screen well, then you need to check out the setting of snap assist. Follow the below steps to check it.

Snap assist settings to enable split for more than two windows side by side windows 10

Step 1. Open the settings, search settings in the windows search bar or press windows button + I


Step 2. Click on the system tab, then click on the multitasking option, enable all the option that you see below the snap headline.


Now you know all about how to snap screen on windows 10. If you need another guide about how to split screen in windows 8 or in 7. Then tell us in the comments. We hope you enjoyed this article about how to split screen on windows 10. Stay tuned with us for more similar new updates.

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8 Best Android & iOS Scanner Apps To Scan All Documents Fast in 2019

Smartphones have many uses, thousands of people using smartphones as a portable scanner. You don’t need bulky document scanner to scan documents in current era of technology. Just grab your phone open one of the best scanner app as suggested below take a pic and convert it in high quality scanned image.

You can scan documents by just using scanning applications of your phone.

Smartphone scanners help us doing day to day work conveniently. You can scan instant documents, receipts, business cards, & images.

Now each and every mobile comes with amazing cameras, the mobile camera is the fundamental part of the mobile scanning apps. With a good camera and the suitable scanning app, you can scan high-quality PDF books or documents.

Some scanners come with OCR that recognizes and scan printed text or handwriting. There are many scanners are available on the internet, finding the best scanner app for android from them can be a little tedious. We have gathered some of the best scanner apps for Android and iOS.

Go ahead and check out following apps and make your smartphone portable multitasking scanner.

Best Scanner Apps for Android And iOS in 2019

1. Cam Scanner – Phone PDF Creator


Cam scanner is one the most popular and best scanner app, it has crossed 100million downloads from the play store. Cam scanner scans PDF, JPEG, notes, receipts, invoice, and business cards, it has OCR support.

You can scan, store, cloud save, sync, and collaborate files across mobile and desktop devices. Cam scanner is available on Android and iOS. It also supports cloud storage like google drive, Dropbox, box, and Evernote.

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Its user interface is not too hard, it can sort all your files neat and well. You can organize your documents in well-categorized folders. You can take cloud prints and share any documents with your contacts.

It has some premium packages also with great features.

Top Features of Cam Scanner App

  • Auto Crop on scanned documents
  • Easy Management of scanned documents
  • Easy to Share scanned Documents over email, cloud, fax and many more options available.
  • Sync scanned documents in Real Time.

CamScanner Pricing

  • Free to use with limited features
  • CamScanner Pro Available for $4.99

2. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App

tiny scanner

The tiny scanner is 2nd best app in the android scanners. Tiny scan app has all standard features that are enough for instant work. You can scan everything, this scanner can be great book scanner app android because it has many page formats to scan, like legal. Letter, A4, A3, A5, and business cards.

It supports all cloud storage ways, just scan a documents and cloud store it in few seconds. It has interesting filters that give scanned files great filtrations about colors like the contrasts. It has password protection for important files.

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The best feature about the tiny scanner is its auto-detection, it detects and stops distortion of the image that gives you much clear and HD output.

Top Features of Tiny Scanner

  • It is able to scan in color, grey scale and black and white.
  • Automatic page edge detection technology
  • Set page sizes as per your need
  • Scanned documents can be protected with passwords.

Tiny Scanner Pricing

  • Free to use with limitations
  • Tiny Scanner Pro version available @ $4.99

3. Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner with OCR

adobe scan

The adobe scan is another 3rd best scanner app for iPhone and Android. You can scan notes, receipts, documents, and images to PDF files with a simple and effective scanner. Adobe is a well-known brand for its quality tool products, adobe scan also is filled with all essential quality tools.

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The built-in OCR auto detect scan all needed content only, color correcting tools gives amazing filters to the scanned pages. You can scan multiple pages in a single PDF file, and you can share them with your friends via email and back-up your documents from the cloud storage.

Top Features of Adobe Scan

  • Easy scan of business cards and save to contacts
  • Scanned document can be saved in adobe document cloud for easy sharing
  • Scan anything anywhere and share
  • Enhance feature can touch up poorly scanned documents.

Pricing of Adobe Scan

  • Free to use on android devices.
  • Adobe scan for iPhone $9.99 per month.

4. Clear Scan: Free Document Scanning App, PDF Scanning

clear scanner

This list of best scanner app for android features clear scanner on fourth place. The clear scan is a fast processing and a light-weight scanner that convert scanned images into PDF and JPEG. It has auto detection and perspective correction feature with all page formats.

The built-in OCR helps to extract text from the image and to put text in an image. It supports all cloud platforms, you can save files on cloud storage, rearrange them and backup anytime.

Top Features of Clear Scanner

  • Really fast processing of documents
  • Multiple filters available to enhance the quality of scans.
  • Backup and Restore function
  • Very small app size to download.

Pricing of Clear Scan App

  • Free to use on android (offers in-app- purchases)
  • Clear Scanner Pro for iOS $2.99

5. Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

fast scanner

The fast scanner is another light-weight android scanner app for easy scanning, it has all typical scanning and editing tools. This is a fifth-best receipt scanner app that scans any type of documents.

You can export scanned images to PDF file and add or remove any page from the PDF.

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You can directly scan files through the email. It has a fax service in case you need to receive a fax file or want to send fax then you can do it by saving your file in cloud storage.

Top Features of Fast Scanner

  • It can scan anything from receipts to multipages
  • Option to send scanned document as email
  • Extremely fast processing of scans
  • Universal app can work on any device.

Pricing of Fast Scanner App

  • Free to use on android (offers in app purchases)
  • Free to use on iPhone (offers in app purchases)

6. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

office lense

A solid Android scanner app by Microsoft, the office lens is known for its amazing scanning tools. You can scan any document and whiteboard images easily that can be saved as PDF, word doc, and PowerPoint file. You can store your files on OneNote, one drive, and in mobile storage.

You can use it for both personal and business use. You can extract text from the images and search for the texts in the images. User interface pretty looks like a professional office app. Office lens is available in English, German, Spanish, and simplified Chinese.

Top features of Microsoft Office Lens

  • Scanned documents can be accessed through onedrive sync
  • It can also convert the scanned docs to ms powerpoint word docs format
  • Organized setup
  • Along with english many other languages available

Pricing of Microsoft Office Lens

  • Free to use on android
  • Free to use on iOS too

7. Turbo Scan: Scan Documents & Receipts, in PDF

turbo scan

Turbo scan is another seventh-best free scanning software for iPhones and Androids. This is a strong scanner with all important and new features. You can scan any documents and save in high-quality PDF and JPEG’S, it has a feature called as a sure scan that takes a very sharp scan with auto detecting and perspective correcting tool.

You can save your documents on any cloud storage platforms and back-up or access them anytime anywhere.

Top Features of Turbo Scan App

  • Powerful multipage scanner support
  • SureScan mode available for very sharp scans of poor documents which low quality
  • Under 3 Seconds per page processing speed
  • Email to Myself feature can send instant email of scanned document to given email address.

Pricing of Turbo Scan App

  • Free to use on Android (offers in app purchases)
  • TurboScan Pro Available for iPhone at $5.99

8. Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner


Scanbot is a high-quality free scanning app with a powerful document scanner. The amazing features of scanbot give it eighth place in this index of the best scanner app for Android. Scanbot is useful to scan any type of documents, QR code scanning, barcode scanning, and even for fax. The OCR also works well, it scans documents at 200 dpi and that is pretty high quality for the scanning. It supports all cloud platforms, just save your files on the cloud.

The app has an interesting search feature that gives to search option for stored files if you have too many files. You can purchase its pro version, it features many premium functions.

Top Features of Scanbot

  • It can detect QR Codes, Barcodes, Contacts, URL’s
  • Lightning fast speed of scanning of documents
  • Automatic Document Detection
  • Instant fax sending option for more than 50 countries.

Pricing of Scanbot

  • Free to use on Android (Offers in App Purchases)
  • Free to Use on iOS (offers in app purchases)

So that’s all about best scanning app for Android in 2019. We hope you enjoyed this article, stay tuned with us for the guides, updates, tips and tricks about apps, games, and tech.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips

Summary: The dungeon hunter 5 hack game gives so much exhilaration that you will not feel like stopping even for a single second. If you want to pump up your adrenaline, take the help of the hack.

You will not be able to keep any track of time as you fight your way through the maze of enemies who are sometimes more powerful than you in dungeon hunter 5 hack game.  You will be thrilled as you collect gems and gold, get new armor to keep your opponents at bay. After crossing all the realms, you will feel satisfied that your war of vengeance is over at last, and you can rest on your laurels.

What are the latest attractions?

The dungeon hunter 5 cheats game has been released with an intention to provide maximum excitement for you. The latest things that can highly attract you are:

  • There is no almost no limit for collecting Quartz, Gems, Gold, Stamina and Bounty Tickets to make your play long and more exciting.
  • Downloading the game will not harm your device as it is safe and secure from all viruses.
  • The game is 100 percent legal, and you do not have to worry about downloading it
  • Proxy configurations make this game undetectable thus keeping your anonymity safe

How do you play the game?

The dungeon hunter 5 hack tool game has to be downloaded to your mobile device before you can play it.  The step-by-step procedure for downloading the game is given below.

  • You have to choose one of the links at the bottom of the page.
  • In the next step, you have to choose the offer that is most suitable for you.
  • You do not have to send any messages while completing the next step as carefully as possible.
  • As soon as the previous step is over, downloading will start automatically.
  • Next you have to open the file that was downloaded.
  • Run the executable file and choose whatever option that suits you.
  • Click on the start button to start the game.

How do you start on your mission?

As you start on your mission of vengeance with cheats for dungeon hunter 5, you can follow some of the strategies given below to make your journey a grand success.

We also have a great list of web sources which share knowledge about gaming tips and tricks

  • The initial choice of weapons should worry you as you can switch between the two sets of weapons without any problem. You will get another set of weapons at the end of initial stages of the game.
  • Before starting on a mission check what kind of enemy armor you will be facing. You have a choice between Fire, Nature, Dark, Light and Water. In this sequence, Fire is weaker than Water but stronger than Nature while Nature is weaker than Fire but stronger than Dark and so on.
  • Choose an ally at random just before you start on the mission. You will get a Bounty Ticket on the successful completion of a level and four Bounty Tickets if you have a friend playing alongside you.
  • Collect the gold wherever you get it so that you can use it to fusion your gear.

Does it work on all devices?

You can play the dungeon hunter 5 gems hack game on any device that has either iOS or Android. No root is required for Android or Jailbreak for iOS to play this game. It can be downloaded to any PC running the latest version of Windows and can be played on it. The PC can be used to download the game to the mobile device also.