District Mission.

The Duval County Groundwater Conservation District mission is to conserve and protect waste and pollution of groundwater resources while addressing the needs of the District's citizens and maintaining the Health of our environment for the present and for future generations.

District Information:

The district is a groundwater conservation district created under and essential to accomplish the purpose of Section 59, Article XVI of the Texas Constitution. It was created as a part of S.B. No 1847 passed by the Texas legislature in May of 2005. A confirmation election was held in the county on July 25,2009 which confirmed the District's legal standing. The district is run by a five member board of directors. These directors are elected by voters of the district and serve four year terms. One director is elected at large from within the district and the other four directors are precincts. The district encompasses all of Duval County and is located within Groundwater Management Area 16 and Regional Water planning Group N.

District Purpose:

The purpose of the district, as per Texas water code 36, Section 36.00.15, is to provide for the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging and prevention of waste of groundwater and of groundwater reservoirs or their subdivisions and to control subsidence caused by the withdrawal of water from those reservoirs. It has an obligation under Texas Water Code 36.107 to develop a groundwater management plan that will state how the district will meet that purpose. Under Texas Water Code 36C Section 36.101, the District has the authority to adopt and enforce rules that the district feels are needed to carry out that purpose.