12 Best Streaming Services For 2019 : Watch Live Movies Online

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Those days have gone when you have to tune in your TV to watch your favorite movies or serials. Many streaming services have been introduced in present time that may help you to watch your favorite stuff, all you need is a best streaming service.

In today’s era, having the best streaming services are vital as they play our favorite shows and movies on our demand. Day-by-day cable charges are touching the sky, and in this situation, streaming services give some relief by entertaining us in very less amount.

Because of our busy schedules, online streaming of movies and serials is the need of the time. We can watch web series and movies anywhere so that there is no need to come home by leaving your essential work to watch your favorite stuff.

These streaming services provide us with benefits like, instant playback, cheaper service, you can view only those stuff for what you have paid, demoralize content piracy, secure event coverage, and even parents can control over the stuff what their kids are watching online that might not be possible on TV.

Here, we are giving information about the movie streaming sites that may help you to choose the best one for you.

List of Best Streaming Services are as Follows

1. Netflix

Netflix is an American media provider and seventh largest internet company by revenue in all over the world. By using or subscribing to Netflix, you can get command over movie streaming to watch your favorite ones. In compare to other movie streaming sites, Netflix is most popular.

Features of Netflix

  1. You can watch movies, documentaries, award-winning TV shows, and much more on internet connected device.
  2. It provides us with 30 days of a free trial.
  3. It comes with a month to month subscription so you can cancel it without any contract, cancellation charges and commitments.
  4. Provides us with three membership plans, i.e., Basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan so that you can choose as per your requirements.
  5. You can save data, alligator, and watch offline on train, tube or tractor.

One more additional feature is that it provides with DVD plan that can be subscribed only by US customers.

Drawbacks of Netflix

  1. It provides services based on your country.
  2. Limitation of brand new contents.
  3. Netflix is a bit expensive than other apps.
  4. Netflix has the old library they must have to work on it.

You can subscribe the Netflix from the official link given below.


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Hulu is the platform that has something for everyone; it might be for kids, teenagers or elders no matter. You can watch shows, stream online movie sites anytime anywhere; it contains current episodes and original series.

Features of HULU

  1. You can get command over a robust library of movies and favorite TV shows.
  2. It contains more than 60 channels including entertainment, sports, and news.
  3. It provides us with quality original programming.

Drawbacks HULU

  1. Subscribers are not able to download contents to view offline.
  2. Contains lots of ads.

You can subscribe HULU from official subscription link given below.


3. Playstation VUE

Live TV, local news and live sports make this the best streaming service of the present time. Playstation console is not required so better to start TV now and experience extraordinary TV.

Features of Playstation VUE

  1. You can get access over 85+ channels and on demand without an annual contract.
  2. Personal DVR up to 10 profiles and stream up to 5 devices simultaneously without paying any extra cost.
  3. It gives five days free trials to access, core and Elite versions of this service.
  4. It has the highest level of customer satisfaction in the case of TV streaming.

Drawbacks of Playstation VUE

  1. Viacom channels are not present.
  2. It is equal to cable in case of charges.
  3. Strong broadband internet connection and compatible viewing device are needed.

You can subscribe Playstation VUE from official subscription link given below.


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4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video allows you to watch prime movies online, complete TV shows and award-winning Prime originals as well. You can get access over blockbuster movies by subscribing to Amazon Prime membership.

Features of Amazon Prime Video

  1. You can get 30 days trial of the Amazon prime video.
  2. Get access over unlimited add free music and fast delivery on eligible items.
  3. Experience an online movie watch on big screens by plugging in the Amazon fire stick.
  4. Data usage can be controlled while downloading and watching videos.

Drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video

  1. No brand new videos even though you found it is rare.
  2. Contents of A la carte costs additional.
  3. You cannot operate this service with some platforms.

You can subscribe Amazon Prime video from official subscription link given below.


5. Sling TV

If you think that cable subscription is expensive, then Sling TV is the best streaming service to gives you the traditional experience of TV. Sling TV is ideal for the sports fans because this offers lots of ESPN sports channels including other channels like, NBC, BBN America, TBS, Food Network, CNN, Cartoon Network, etc. that makes your deal with Sling worth.

Features of Sling TV

  1. Affordable than cable connections.
  2. Sling TV offers the contents with wide breadth.
  3. Download your favorite tv shows, movies and later watch it on on various streaming supporting devices of your choice.

Drawbacks of Sling TV

  1. Cloud DVR does not support On-demand channels.
  2. It contains more piracy than any other of its competitor services.
  3. Sling TV is available only inside the US.

You can subscribe Sling TV from official subscription link given below.


6. YouTube TV

If you are in search of cable-free live TV, then your search will stop at YouTube TV. It will give the best streaming service from 60+ channels, and that is also without a cable box. Just make sure that the service is available in your location before subscribing for YouTube TV.

Features of YouTube TV

  1. You can get unlimited cloud DVR storage by subscribing to this service.
  2. You can operate six accounts from a single membership.
  3. Records are kept for nine months, and streaming of content from anywhere in the US can be done.

Drawbacks of YouTube TV

  1. YouTube TV doesn’t support the Amazon fire.
  2. Channels like food network, HGTV, Discovery, TLC, OWN and much more are missing.

You can subscribe YouTube TV from official subscription link given below.


7. Crackle

If you are looking for a cheesy action movie streaming site, then Crackle is the choice for you. Sony owns the platform for broadcasting movies, TV shows, and original programming. Subscription and la carte fee do not apply to Crackle. Original shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian in cars getting coffee are excellent.

Features of Crackle

  1. Entertaining and full of laughter videos.
  2. Best movie sites can be accessed with good quality of videos.

Drawbacks of Crackle

  1. Frequent rotation of the videos.
  2. Contains lots of ads that may reduce the joy of entertainment.

You can subscribe Crackle from official subscription link given below.


8. Showtime

You can get access over the latest movies and exclusive hit series with Showtime. Showtime is ads-free service and has something for every mood. This is the American premium cable & satellite television network that gives assistance to its network subsidiaries of CBS Corporation.

Features of Showtime

  1. It shows the latest titles like Homeland, The chi, Ray Donovan, Billions, Shameless, Black Monday, and Kidding.
  2. This service also offers streaming for online movie watch and peoples will find something valuable to watch on Showtime.
  3. You can get access via a web browser over Android, Oculus Go, Xbox one, and iOS devices once you subscribed to Showtime.

Drawbacks of Showtime

  1. You can view offline by downloading your favorite stuff on your phone, but the limitation of resolution is disappointing 720p.
  2. You cannot create your personal profile that may create difficulties to manage per-user basis.

You can subscribe Showtime from official subscription link given below.


9. HBO Now

HBO Now is a collection of new movies and this list of movies will updated every week. It has great brand new original content that includes West worlds and game of thrones. HBO is on-demand streaming service including genres like Drama, family, action, horror, comedy, romance and suspense. It also has older series like Deadwood, The Sopranos, six feet under, girls, curb your enthusiasm and The Wire.

Features of HBO Now

  1. You can get access over the library of top original shows and latest movies.
  2. HBO Now Performance and interface are excellent.
  3. It performs best in a combination of other streaming services that offer more diverse and extensive content.
  4. HBO has apps for Androids, PS4, Apple TV, iOS, etc.

Drawbacks of HBO Now

  1. It is expensive than any other streaming services.
  2. HDR and 4K content are not present.
  3. You cannot watch offline, and a web player requires flash.

You can subscribe HBO Now from official subscription link given below.


10. Starz

Starz is dedicated to video and movies, and shows like American gods, Boss, America to me, Outlander, Liberty City, counterparts and Survivor’s remorse are played on this service.

Features of Starz

  1. It is suitable for households as it allows operating four devices at the same time.
  2. Users can download serials & films from online movie sites in their device to watch offline that may be ideal for travelers.
  3. It contains more than 1200 streaming ready sites.

Drawbacks of Starz

  1. It contains limited accessibility options.
  2. Starz does not support 4K and HDR contents.
  3. Shows are not as popular as other services.
  4. Web interface and mobile apps sometimes stammer.

You can subscribe Starz from official subscription link given below.


11. Philo

Philo is the combination of live shows and on-demand content and highly affordable too. You can get access over 40+ channels including BBC America, HGTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, AMC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and Travel Channels.

Features of Philo

  1. Philo has Easy to use interface.
  2. This allows users to save the overall catalog of on-demand viewing shows.
  3. You can operate up to three streams simultaneously.
  4. It has excellent performance and had a good app for iOS users.

Drawbacks of Philo

  1. Nothing included for sports buffs and very fewer news channels.
  2. It contains ads
  3. Offline playback is not supported by Philo.
  4. No apps for mobiles.

You can subscribe Philo from official subscription link given below.


12. ESPN+

ESPN+ is popular for streaming everything related to sports and offers reputed and on-demand sports programming. This is the ideal service for those who want to stay updated with sports news. You can get command over this service through internet or ESPN app for Android and iOS.

Features of ESPN+

  1. The ESPN+ gives excellent performance on PCs and mobiles both.
  2. This service is cheaper than other sports services available in the market.
  3. It supports the five streams simultaneously.

Drawbacks of ESPN+

  1. It doesn’t include lead ship of ESPN shows like, First Take, NFL live, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, Sport nation, Outside the lines and Sportcentre.
  2. Except Monday Night Football Streaming and a live NBA coverage, you can watch anything on ESPN+.

You can subscribe ESPN+ from official subscription link given below.


Last Words

In today’s busy schedule Streaming services helps us to view our favorite movies and shows anytime anywhere that may help you to be updated about your favorite stuff.

There are lots of movie streaming sites available in the market but to choose the best streaming services from them is a difficult task for anyone.

The above list will help you to select the streaming services that are suitable for your requirements.

Well as always, don’t; forget to share your thoughts on this article and about streaming services mentioned in this list. If you know any other good services available update us with that. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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