Fortnite Beginners Guide

fortnite beginners guide

Fortnite is a stunning creation of Epic Games which was launched in 2017. It is an online battle game and has three versions, Spare the world campaign, the Battle Royale and Creative mode. The main purpose that the game serves is to free the world from the monsters who are stealing everything like the towns, cities and even families.

You are the one having potential to defeat the opponent therefore, you ought to take the command to take back everything by gathering alliance and other necessary assets. What’s more interesting, you and your squad must be the last one standing which makes the game even more challenging.

The game is acknowledged well by its 3D cartoon-style graphics though the target is common. Since you are the commander so planning wisely will allow and your group to remain alive.

There is in-game currency present in the game naming v bucks which stands for vidertech bucks or vinderbucks which can be used to purchase all in game items such as costumes, emotes, battle pass in battle royale and so many things, If you want to get free v bucks in fortnite then checkout our excellent article on Top 9 best ways to get free v bucks in fortnite.

It might seem easy to you to achieve but practically it is challenging since you are not alone leader in this game. Besides, other squads also have a same target, each having 99 teammates. Though working together can conveniently reducing the opponents but you must compete indirectly to score best of all.

Even the team of four individuals or 50 vs 50 squad modes might help you to achieve your target, still you have to be on the top.

Fortnite System Requirements

PC and Mac

If you have a PC or Mac, then downloading Epic Games takes a required amount of space. The Intel HD 4000 or Iris Pro 5200 GPU, a Core of i3, a CPU having a space of 2.4GHz, and a RAM of 4GB are the gadgets you require.

The suggested specs request all the more dominant equipment like you can get a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 if you do not have  DX11 GPU with a 2GB VRAM, a Core i5,  CPU of 2.8GHz, and 8GB  RAM.

Fortnite additionally requires your machine to keep running in any event the Windows 7 or mac OS X Sierra (10.12.6) working frameworks. Note that your mac OS gadget should likewise bolster the Metal API. Additionally, Fortnite will occupy 20GB of disk space once you install it.

iPhone and iPad

If you want to download Fortnite on your iPhone or an iPad then the model must be the one of the list given below:

You can simply download the game from the iPad or iPhone’s application store. For detailed understanding just visit the website. However, remember that Fortnite does not run on iPod touch


Fortnite landed on Android some time back, yet you expected to agree to accept the beta and be endorsed before gaining admittance to the amusement. Epic Games has since evacuated that prerequisite and anybody with a perfect gadget can download and play the game.

Note that Fortnite is bypassing the Play Store of Google and is rather accessible as a download from the developer’s website. Ensure that any application you download must be from an authentic source, since this workaround opens your gadget to potential vulnerabilities.

Take a look at Epic’s rundown of perfect Android gadgets before getting also amped up for playing. The Essential PH-1, LG G6, OnePlus 6, and all Google Pixel models fits in the category of the devices in which you can install Fortnite.

Xbox and PlayStation

Any of the most recent Xbox One consoles can run Fortnite, including the Xbox One X$389.90 at Amazon. Due to early access in 2018, players who have registered in Xbox used to receive a Gold membership so as to play the Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

All models of the PlayStation 4 can run Fortnite. You don’t need to have membership of PS Plus to get entertained. As of late, Sony declared cross-play support for Fortnite on the PS4, after noteworthy player reaction against Sony’s underlying refusal to offer this ability. The component is presently in open beta, so players can utilize a similar record over all platforms.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo just makes one variant of the Switch and Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is certainly a notable Switch diversions you can download for the handheld support. Simply visit the Nintendo Store.

Epic Games has no designs to dispatch the PvE mode ‘Save the World’ on the platform.

Game Modes

Save the World

It is the competition between the player and the environmental disaster. An unexpected occurrence has taken over the whole planet resulting in the disappearance of 98% of population of the world.

You have to survive and fight the situation to get back whatever you have lost.

Battle Royale

It is a multiplayer game in which the gamers along with their teams compete to survive till the end. There are numerous heroic characters and assets to choose from. Also, you can make a permanent base that provides you a space to plan your strategy when the danger approaches. In this way you can achieve your goal with ease.

Fortnite Creative

In this mode, players get the chance to make anything they want on an island, for example, fight arenas, race courses, platforming difficulties and much more.

Epic Games surveys the absolute most famous manifestations from Creative and pivot these into the Battle Royale map in a region called “The Block”.

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