Free Google Play Codes : Top 10 Ways To Get Google Play Gift Cards Legally

free google play codes

If you are an Android user, then there is no sense of explaining to you about google play codes. But being an exclusive android user also if you haven’t come across with the requirement of any paid app then you might have some questions remaining in your mind about the purchasing capacity of the google play credits.

The Google Play Store is the house of millions of Android apps that are free to use. But also millions of apps are currently developed which has a free as well as a paid version. You will surely not be satisfied with the free version and wish to get the paid ones. There come the free google play codes handy.

So, what can you buy with google play redeem codes?

The android market brings a plethora of objects in your fist that was hard to get previously. All the paid apps, books films, music, newsstand apps, and games are a few of the items that can be purchased from the Google environment through this google currency credit.

The credit never gets expired as it is attached with your google account. You can use them for in-game currency in the most natural way.

You can purchase the google play redeem codes from google store itself spending your real money. But if we say that there are other means through which you can get these gift cards without spending a coin, you might get surprised and start searching the internet and invite confusion about the legitimacy of the methods.

Abstain from such searches and read this article. We are giving you the information that is absolutely legal and free to get the google play credits.

List of 10 Legit Ways To Get Free Google Play Codes & Gift Cards

Method #1: Give Zone

First giveaway site that is issuing hundreds of free google play codes is Give Zone. You can register into it and increase your chances by doing some work to win a google play gift card. To stay updated about the offers and draw, you can follow the site in social media.

You get the latest news of lucky giveaways daily from their page and can be the luckiest person to win the gift card.

Method #2: Cash Crate

A long-lasting app which is giving away rewards for performing specific tasks is Cash Crate. With its Android app you can earn direct cash which you can redeem through gift cards. Taking surveys, completing offers or playing games are some of the works that you have to do to get points.

So what are you waiting for? Download and get the free google play codes from Cash Crate.

Method #3: Junowallet

Junowallet is a favorite app among the Android users which features different sponsored apps and games to download. Once you perform such tasks, you can get rewards which you can use to get a free google play card.

The app features win mystery box for a short time. You get some additional benefit in referring the app to friends or in social media.

Method #4: AppNana

AppNana is another successful app for 400 points per day to log in. It’s a pretty straightforward application that allows you to gain nanas(points) only to download other apps and games. Nanas can even be earned to play your favorite games like Temple Run or to download the Twitter app.

You can also use the Nana award points in Google Play and get free google play credit. Another alternative to reimbursing your point is to use the AppNana Store’s gift cards for paid apps.

Method #5: Google Opinion Rewards

Generally, Google doesn’t require much of its spending on promotions. However, there is a method from google survey team to earn free google play card. Per survey you finish, you will immediately receive the credits up to $1.

As Google cultivates the surveys with third parties, most of them will differ from other GPT websites. Google Opinion Rewards apps for Android can be downloaded from Google Play and from the iOS app store.

Free Google Play Codes Generator – The Reality

We know that despite our promises you will search an easy way through which you can get the credits easily, and you will land up to hundreds of them.

These sites call them Google Play Codes Generator and they are many as well as tagged with few lucrative words like new, with proof, 100% working or even google play gift card codes unused.

We have tested a lot of these sites personally and came to the conclusion that all of them are completely fake.

For your relevance we give you the steps that are common in these sites:

free google play card

Step 1: You will be prompted to select the gift card of any given amount of your choice.

Step 2: After after selecting the card to generate, you need to confirm them.

free google play credit

Step 3: You will see a partial code without the last four digits.

Step 4: The process leads to human verification.

google play gift card codes unused

Step 5: In this, you have to provide some details related to your personal data.

Step 6: The human verification will never end, and you will not get any code.

So, from common understanding, it is evident that these are entirely non-productive. You might think that the legit way that we demonstrated above to get free google play codes also supports surveys.

Then what is the difference here? If you go for the review of these sites, you will find that they are DLNA rejected servers and several users have reported them. We strictly advise staying away from these generator sites.


We conclude our article here with the available legitimate solutions to obtain free google play codes. You might find similar articles on the internet stating many more options to get the codes for free.

We declare that we have visited 20 related sites and individually tested their solutions. Majority of the solutions we found are outdated. There might have been apps or websites providing Google Play codes at any particular time.

But when we tested them, we found those offers expired. Another type of sites found who recommend Google play sites that give you a discounted price. You will find a separate article about those sites, but here we have assured you to provide legit way without spending money.

As we state these sites are currently the way to get the google play code, but we cannot assure about their continuity. Grab them at the earliest time and vote cheers in our comment box.

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