Free v Bucks : 9 Best Ways To Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

Fortnite is a virtual battle simulator published by the Epic Games in 2017. All the in-game purchases in Fortnite can be made with the help of micro-transactions, which are further based on v bucks (the in-game currency).

Although v bucks are available for being purchased with real money, they definitely seem to rip you off with their prices. The cost of 100 v bucks turns out to be $1, and if you’ve been playing the game for some time now, you might know that the starting price for top-notch skins is around 1500 v bucks. An investment of 15 bucks in the game right away, just after beginning to play, seems to be a really bad idea.

So, is there any legit and 100% working trick to earn free v bucks? In fact, yes there is, and today in this article, we’re gonna be mentioning 10 easy tips and tricks about how to get free v bucks in the game, even if you’re a complete beginner and want to establish your foundation in this game.

9 Real Free V Bucks Ways You Should Try in 2019


For all of those who didn’t know, Fortnite has 3 modes of battling: Save the World, Battle Royale and Creative.

  • For activating Save the World mode, if you’ve already purchased the Battle Royale version, you need to pay an additional amount worth $39.99. I know that’s quite a huge sum for the beginners, but that’ll be totally worth your money. Epic Games is also planning to release a fully free-to-play version of Save the World in 2019, so keep a regular check on it.
  • As I stated, the amount you spend in buying this version of the game would be worth its value, for many reasons. And one of those reasons is the Daily Rewards. Every day that you log in to Fortnite Save the World, you’ll be receiving rewards such as free v bucks and other resources.
  • At the game’s starting page, press ‘X’, and from the displayed menu, select ‘Daily Rewards’.
  • Daily Rewards are also available in Battle Royale version, but on purchasing Save the World version, which is available in a Founder’s Pack, you get additional v bucks under Daily Rewards, named as Founder’s Rewards.
  • In the Daily Rewards section, you also do receive some special Epic Rewards in regular intervals of a number of days. The days left is also displayed right there, so look at them to feel motivated and play the game daily. Here too, you get special benefits of Save the World version, as those with Founder’s Pack get an additional Epic Reward.
  • These Daily Rewards continue for a period of 1-year. After logging in consecutively for 365 days, you’ll get a total of 10000 free v bucks in your account. On the 365th day itself, you get 1000 v bucks as a reward.
  • As the days count increases, the value of the rewards also increases eventually. So don’t forget to miss logging in for a single day, as that can reset you all the way back to Day 1.
  • If you’re more interested in playing the Battle Royale version of the game, it’s advisable to log in to Save the World mode, each time you start Fortnite, just for once, in order to receive the rewards. And then, you can log out to continue with Battle Royale.
  • As you can see, the total rewards (10000 v bucks) cost worth $100 in the game. But you make an investment of just around 40 bucks to receive the full benefits.
  • If any website or app states that it will get free v bucks for you, and activate Save the World mode of the game at zero cost, it’s nothing but a trap. They’d be willing to provide you v bucks at extremely low prices such as 1000 v bucks for each dollar. But the moment you pay it off by entering your card details, and get into your game, you see that it was nothing but a horrible scam.


You will be assigned various missions, in-game objectives and challenges in the Quests section of the game.

  • These are really easy-to-do tasks, which take a matter of minutes, to gift you a bunch of free rewards such as v bucks.
  • Some of the Daily Quests can earn you up to 50 v bucks. Although that seems to be not a huge sum, but eventually as you keep stockpiling these rewards, you’ll be left out with thousands of v bucks, without even playing a single battle.
  • Every day, you’d be having 3 Daily Quests to be completed, so that maxes up to 150 v bucks.
  • Apart from the Daily Quests, you will have many other quests such as Main Quests, Hero Quests & Side Quests.
  • Side Quests and Main Quests can earn you up to 100 v bucks each.
  • There are various seasonal tournaments available in the Quests section which have a pool prize of hundreds of free v bucks. So don’t forget to pay a regular visit to the Quests section of the game.
  • If you don’t prefer a certain task or challenge, you can eliminate that from your Quests, and wait for fresh ones to appear on the next day.


In the Side Quests section, the most rewarding task is to upgrade your arena’s Stormshield Amplifiers.

  • You can upgrade only your arena’s stormshields, and not any others.
  • Installing Stormshield Amplifiers would give you 100 free v bucks every time that you do it.
  • Just go to Side Quests section of the Quests menu, and select the Stormshield expansion tasks from the list.
  • Every Stormshield levels up after reaching a rating of 10. You can get your current progress from the blue bar displayed on the left side of the screen while viewing a
  • Every time you level up a Stormshield, you will be getting a ton of skill/experience points in the game, thus boosting your profile’s overall performance rating.


Another exciting feature of Fortnite Save the World is a Collection Book. It is basically like a record of all the items that you put into it, because either you don’t need it anymore, or you just want to earn rewards from some old items that you’ve got in your locker.

  • You can collect Heroes, Survivors, Defenders and Schematics in your collection book.
  • Every item can be put only once in your Collection Book.
  • You can also choose to recruit back the items that you’ve put into your Collection Book, in case you need it.
  • If you’re an absolute beginner, I’d say no need to worry. All you need to do in order to get exciting rewards from the Collection Book is: open the packs that you had received after finishing battles, dismantle them and put them into your Collection Book straight away.
  • Every time you register an item in your Collection Book, you are awarded skill/experience points. The number of experience points received would depend upon the rarity and level of the items directly. E.g. registering Outstanders may give you more rewards as compared to
  • These experience points would be utilized in levelling up your Collection Book.
  • The most thrilling part of collecting more and more items in a Collection Book is that you get free v bucks every time you reach some specific levels.
  • You receive a total of 500 free v bucks on reaching levels 6, 26 and 91. A sum of 1500 v bucks is really huge based upon the perspective of a beginner in Fortnite.
  • So, do remember to sort out all the unimportant cards in your locker. And add them into your Collection Book to receive thousands of free v bucks in the game.


Another exclusive trick to get free Fortnite v bucks is to buy the Battle Passes for each and every season. Although they’re not completely free, they can be obtained using v bucks, without spending any real money.

  • For the beginners, I’d always suggest choosing the option to continue with the free Battle Pass that you get on signing up to the game. Because, a premium Battle Pass costs around 950 v bucks (~ $9 if bought from the store directly), and obviously not everyone can afford that at the beginning. The major drawback to the free Battle Pass is that you won’t be receiving the maximum value of rewards, as received by a premium user of the same.
  • Now, if you think you’ve got enough v bucks to buy the Battle Pass and still have a minimum of 100 v bucks in the balance, I’d suggest you buy it straight away.
  • The amount of rewards obtained from reaching higher tiers in the Battle Pass section is tremendous. E.g. on reaching Tier 4, you get 100 v bucks, and on reaching Tier 100 you get a lump sum of 1500 free Fortnite v bucks. In fact, if you sum up the whole amount, it ends up being much more valuable as compared to the Battle Pass
  • The easiest way to level up your Tier is by playing more number of battles and earning more skill points.
  • Now, not only would you get free v bucks, but you will also be rewarded with numerous items and skins on reaching a new Tier, for absolutely free-of-cost.
  • Many websites claim to provide you Battle Passes using free v bucks generators, and in consideration of that, scam and seek private information from people.


If you like being fashionable in the game, and collect a lot of exclusive Fortnite skins (I really like the Marshmello one), checking the items shop every day is a vital step for you.

  • On several days, items and skins are available for huge discounts in the Items Store. g. I got many skins for less than 1500 v bucks.
  • For beginners, if skins seem to be too expensive, you can choose to buy lower budget cosmetic items (such as Gilders).


Fortnite is mostly based upon gaining expertise over the controls and having enough experience to win a battle in the right way.

  • Ask every one of your friends who play Fortnite, whether they’re on a lower or a higher level than you, for their battle strategies.
  • Also, ask them perfect ways to manage v bucks in the game.


  • Investing your v bucks in unnecessary items and products can at some point, make you feel as if you’re worthless, and can’t earn enough through the battles.
  • It’s completely normal to have a desire to buy each and every trending skin that people are crazy about. But spending your hard-earned resources in such diminutive wishes is surely not a great option, for both the beginners and the experienced ones in the game.
  • Gambling thousands of your v bucks take a few seconds of time, but gaining back all of them can take months. So always manage to spend your v bucks in a conservative manner.
  • There’s no such way, like free v bucks generators or mods, that earn you unlimited resources for free. So don’t be desperate to try them out either.


The price of v bucks in Fortnite starts at around a dollar for every hundred of them.

  • The total value of all items in Fortnite sums up to about a 100,000 v bucks, worth a $1000 in real-life.
  • Many players get too desperate to buy v bucks quickly in order to buy their favourite skins and items from the in-game store. But I’d suggest that you progress in the game, with the bare minimum requirements that you need to have in order to face the level of competition in your

Do Not Use Free V Bucks Generators or Mods

Since Fortnite consists of a fully online, cloud-based gameplay, it’s merely impossible to hack the game for giving you unlimited resources, without being noticed by the servers of Epic Games (the developers). So all these people who publish content online regarding how to get free v bucks, are untrusted and unauthorized to distribute such false content on the internet.

  • The main motive of such illicit apps and websites (e.g. free v bucks generator, free unlimited v bucks, etc) is to display ads, collect surveys and earn revenue from doing so.
  • Please do not mention any of your private and confidential information in such sources. This data collected from such sources is generally sold to marketing and analytical agencies, which may lead to a huge data breach.
  • A bunch of articles and videos on the internet, such as free v bucks no survey, free v bucks no human verification, are generally named so because they want to attract a bigger audience for trying their unlawful hacks.
  • Incorporating such illegitimate methods to earn free v bucks can lead to your in-game account getting banned, and every bit of your hard-earned reputation getting wasted.


Thus, my last suggestion to all the aspirants for trying to become a professional in Fortnite would be to settle great levels of dedication and determination into the game. As much as you proceed into the game, stay more engrossed and give your best to win every battle with glory.

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