Free Xbox Live Codes & Gift Cards : 9 Best Ways Explained

free xbox live codes

Xbox is a gaming platform of Windows exclusively for playing the world’s most acclaimed console games. With a wide range of game library, Xbox is the entertaining the gaming community. But as it says, playing games is not free nowadays and that suits to Xbox platform also. Apart from purchasing these games, you require Free Xbox Live Codes to play multiplayer games in this console. It is a premium membership called Xbox Live Gold membership.

What is the Cost of Xbox Live Gold Membership?

Currently, Xbox has three subscription plan that you can avail from their official website. The cost of these memberships are as follows:

  • $9.99 per month
  • $24.99 in every quarter or three months.
  • $59.99 per year

It costs a lot of money and spending that for gaming from your parent’s wallet is sometimes awkward. But without these Xbox live code, you will not gain the full advantages of Xbox games. Sometimes as you get the games, you get some live trial codes free of cost with the purchase. But what about the other time? Do we have a legitimate way to get these codes free?

In the current age, getting a free item is as difficult as climbing a mountain. But through our research, we have found some legitimate way to earn free xbox live gold codes.

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In this article, we will share those methods with you. Also in the second part of the reading, we will be exposing the reality about thousands of the sites claiming free xbox live code generator which are obivous scam according to our test done with them.

So, Lets get started with our main topic.

Top 9 Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes & Gift Cards in 2019


1. Search for Social Media Giveaway

In social media sites, there are various Xbox communities which shares the means to get active Xbox Live Free Codes. You can join these communities to get an up to date news about any opportunity to earn gift codes and use them in your Xbox account.

2. Get Complimentary Free Xbox Live Trial on Game Purchase

When you purchase certain games, you get a chance to win free Xbox live codes as a complimentary benefit. Depending on the game you may get access to the Xbox live from 48 hours to one full month. Games like Fifa, Halo offers 14 days to one month Xbox live codes.

So whenever you buy games, wait for the proper time and proper deal to get these offers as complementary.

3. Create Your New Xbox Account

As you create a new account and select gold membership you will get free Xbox live gold codes no surveys required in the way of 30 days trial. It is a quite simple method. Following the steps revealed below, you can get the Xbox Live trial for free for a month.

  1. Open a new Microsoft account. Use the Microsoft account to log in to the subscription page of Xbox.
  2. Choose the one-month gold subscription free trial and go to next.
  3. You will require one credit card number to verify yourself. However, be assured there will not be any deduction from your card until you spend one month and continue to the following month.
  4. Provide billing information to complete the process.

You will access gold membership by this Xbox live free trial codes. Only you have to remember that on the 29th day you have to cancel the subscription. Otherwise, you will be charged with the subscription fee.

4. Ask Family Members to Signup for Xbox Trials

Through the above method, you have got information to get free Xbox live codes for one month. Currently, Xbox allows creating three accounts in total to use in each console. So once you avail the free trial membership for one month create another two account and enjoy another two months for free. But you have to keep in mind about the following:

  1. The three accounts have to be completely separate with different email id.
  2. If you can use a different credit card details, it is better. Otherwise, use the same.
  3. Do not forget to close the subscription timely.
  4. Use the correct billing address associated with the credit card.

By asking your family members signing up for trial, you can get more trial codes if they are agree to share with you.

5. Look Out for Bonus on New Xbox Consoles

You should search the online websites for free Xbox live codes if you wish to buy a new Xbox console. Xbox Live Coupons on Xbox consoles are made available by Microsoft to boost sales from time to time. To obtain these kinds of offers, you have to search for big supermarkets and official Microsoft stores.

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In the time of significant events like Christmas / Black Friday and New Year deals, Xbox Live coupons are bundled with new consoles.

6. Activate Gold Trial for Xbox Live

You can use this strategy to get a free one-month trial if you have an old Xbox game console that was never used for an Xbox Gold subscription. You must start connecting to Gold membership using a new e-mail account for this process by supplying valid credit card details.

This method allows you to enjoy one month of a free pass of Xbox Gold. Before the trial expires always remember to cancel the subscription, so you can avoid paying for the next month.

7. Look out Reddit Community for Any Giveaway

On Reddit, there are a lot of subreddits that sometimes give away free Xbox live codes. Check for any free Xbox codes that may exist in there and follow them regularly. If you are fortunate, these subreddits may include working codes.

Other cases involve generous users sharing the way to get some gifts in another store or site.


So here we conclude our article about the legit way of earning free Xbox live codes. As on date, these are the only full proof method to gain free codes for Xbox. Also, we request you to stay away from the hacks of free code generators and spread the truth among your friends.

If you come to know any other method in future, do not hesitate to share with us for updates to the community through our comment box.

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