Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack : Top 7 HP Cheats to Get Gems Coins

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Cheats To Get Free Gems, Coins & Energy Bars Legally: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a role-playing video game based on J.K Rowling’s wizarding world; released in the year of 2018 for Android and iOS devices.
Jam City is a developer cum publisher of this game whereas the license provider is Porkey Games.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game set in the Harry Potter Universe where your magical journey starts there you can explore; learn Spells and many more in this New RPG Story.

In this article, I am going to introduce you with some of the legit Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack and Cheats that you can utilize while playing the game, but first, let me introduce you all with the game.

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Getting Started Guide

At the start of the game, gamer will be asked to create his own fully customizable character avatar. You can either select to be a witch or wizard. You also have the option to connect your account to Facebook. But be careful here game might fetch your details directly from Facebook and customize your character according to information.

While customizing the characters you have the option to select different skin colors, face customization, some hair customization but some of them can only be used once you get pass through higher levels. Until then you can’t use some of the customization menus.

Players might find this game very extensive as it has lots of options to edit your character as per your look you want. This way you can complete makeover your avatar in the game.

When you start playing the game it might sometime remind you sims mobile. As graphics seems to be like sims mobile version.

The Need of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack

According to recent news from polygon, Wait times are becoming very frustrating for gamers of harry potter hogwarts mystery; As players are unable to complete the challenge of devils snare where they need good amount of energy.
But the only option to get the energy is by using in-app purchases or wait for 7-8 hours. For beginners, the solution for this issue might be Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack No Survey No Download. But, its worthless! Because, these are scams which does not work, and one should stay away from them.

As experience shared by many users they don’t want to invest real money on in-app purchases this much early in the game. First they want to play and enjoy the game to the fullest. But game developers have created an obstacle in front of gamers by adding a high amount of in-app currency requirement to complete the challenge.

If you want to know about how to get free gems in Hogwarts Mystery or how to earn unlimited energy, then we are here to give you all the information you needed.

List of Top 7 Legit Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack & Cheats For Free Gems, Coins and Energy.

1. Earning Free Gems:-

Earning gems is one of the precious harry potter hogwarts mystery gems hack as you can use these gems to obtain energy and to play the quests.

If you are thinking about how to get free gems in hogwarts mystery, then don’t worry here are some ways through which you can earn gems

a) Level up and collect free gems.

b) Winning of house cup will also get you free gems.

c) Completion of quests gives you gems as rewards.

d) Learning of new spells and portions also help you to earn gems.

e) Raising the level of friendship gives you a chance of winning free gems.

2.Your First Wand from Ollivanders:-

Every Wizard or Witch can get their first wand from the Ollivanders, There you can see lots of different kind of wands such as Apple wood Wand, Maplewood Wand, Hornbeam Wand, Dragon Heartstring Wand. But as always said you won’t choose the wand. Want itself will choose the wizard. So by trying few wands you will finally get your own wand from ollivanders and then again you can meet to your friend to talk about it.

And the Chapter 1 will be completed here. And you will get 50 coins 100 XP as a reward for this achievement. According to the game there are total 10 chapters available to complete in this series. So there’s much more to go ahead. And one need to complete all of them one by one. Also if you are interested in Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack & Cheats For Free Currency then you can check out the linked source for legit cheats.

3. Attend the lectures carefully:-

Attending lectures becomes the best harry potter hogwarts mystery hack because attending the lecture may help you to earn the house point by answering to the quest correctly. If you don’t do this, then you lose your house points. If you succeed in learning lessons and performing it well, then you are eligible to get as much as 5 gems for free.

4. Attend Quests Like an expert:-

Attending Quests like an expert is the next in the list of Hogwarts Mystery energy cheats. As we know the energy is the primary source of playing the game, so check your energy points before starting the quests because if the quest is long and you don’t have enough energy, then there is no point in playing the quest. For earning energy, the only option is to get back to your classes and collect energy points to play the quest.

5. Read all the dialogues:-

Reading all the conversations may help you to collect attribute points because sometimes you have a choice of presenting your opinion and if it is perfect then you will get attribute points.

6. Earn Extra Energy:-

Earning extra energy is one of the best harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats because if you will feel exhausted at the peak point of your game, it might give you frustration.

Energy is the key to winning the game, and there are a handful of options available that gives you additional energy points.

  • East Tower: – The two ways of earning energy from here is to tap the second picture from the entrance that is next to the classroom of Charms and tap peeves when he floats into the tower.
  • Dungeons: – You can touch the house Elf near to Potions Classroom.
  • Hogsmeade: – At the end of the first alley the boy holding the sled tap him.
  • Lower Floor-West: – Tapping the torch on the right side of the great wall’s entrance and the middle statue are the two ways to earn energy.
  • Lower Floor-East: – Get even more enegergy by just tapping on books while sitting on the bench.
  • Castle Ground: – You need to tap on the stick on the floor accompanied with the second route you see.
  • West Towers: – Tapping is a key, go for the portrait you see on the entrance of west tower to get free energy bars.

You can even earn the harry potter hogwarts mystery unlimited energy during the first year by taking flying lessons. This way, earn extra energy bars by learning as much lessons as you can do.

7. Avoid Paying for Micro-transactions:-

This is one of the best Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hacks because this game throws you in the situation where you are forced to make Micro-transactions for playing continuously. Buying energy is not an ideal way when we are specially hunting for harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats and hacks for free resources. It doesn’t have any value because having patience and waiting for energy bars is the only legit way.

Final Verdict

Here in the above list, we have tried to give you all the possible legit harry potter hogwarts mystery hack and cheats that help you to begin with the game.

Use only legal ways to earn resources like energy, gems, coins etc. Play skillfully and utilize your resources cleverly to make your game enjoyable.

Also, If you do know any other harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats that you think should be a part of this list, then do share it with us and we will mention it with your name before it.

Share your experience and Keep in touch for more details. Till then enjoy the mysterious world of Harry Potter.

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