How to Get iMessage on PC in 2019

imessage on pc

You might have used various messaging apps available in the market. Each has its characteristics, and you are using them with satisfaction. But what if I say that there is one messaging app that is the strongest among them. You might have the desire to grab it. Yes, Apple iMessage is another most popular app for messaging.

Now you must be confused and think that it cannot be accessed without an Apple device. Don’t worry we have a solution. In this article, we will explain how to use iMessage on pc. There are methods to use iMessage in your PC by following some simple steps. Our step by step details below will guide you through the complete process so that you can perform it without any hassle.

Features of having iMessage on pc

  • Service free of charge. You don’t have to pay a penny to use this app.
  • It’s one of the most straightforward and fastest iOS platform application.
  • With this app, you can send unlimited messages.
  • Share incredible videos and pictures with family and friends.
  • You can figure out whether or not the person you’re chatting with is typing.
  • SMS and iMessage texts are easily distinguished as iMessage texts appear in blue.

Top 5 ways to get iMessage on pc easily.

#1. Access iMessage using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is an extension of google chrome that allows you to access another computer via the internet remotely. Using this extension, you can access iMessage installed in another Mac. Following is the step by step guide for how to get iMessage on pc using Chrome remote desktop:

Prerequisite of the process:

There is some prerequisite for the process to work. You need a PC and a Mac Both the device have to be securely connected on the internet all the time. In this method, we will be accessing iMessage via your MAC to your PC through the internet. So you have to follow these instructions for fully functional operation.

Step By Step Process to get iMessage by Chrome remote desktop.

Step 1. Download google chrome in both your PC and Mac.

download google chrome

Step 2. Go to the Chrome settings and then extension. From there, open chrome web store.

Chrome Web Store

Step 3. Search for Chrome remote desktop and add the app to both of your PC & Mac.

add chrome remote desktop to chrome browser

Step 4. Launch the app in both the computer.

Launch Crome RD

Step 5. In this step, you have to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer in your Mac.

download host installer to get imessage on pc

Step 6. After this install the chrome remote desktop host in Mac.

install crd host

install crd hosts

Step 7. After the installation is successful, share your Mac to your PC through the security code and connect both the system.

share access code to access imessages on your pc

Step 8. Now you can access your Mac from your PC. So open your iMessage in your Mac and start using it through your PC access code.

how to get imessage on pc using chrome

#2. Start using iMessage in your PC through iPadian2.

In the previous section, we have explained how you can use iMessage through Mac. But there may be a scenario that you do not possess any Mac. In this section, we will demonstrate that even if you do not have a Mac, still you can enjoy iMessage. You need to use one third-party program called iPadian.

iPadian is an application that allows you to get an iOS ecosystem in your Windows PC. You can access iMessage after installing it the PC. There is a free version available as well as a paid version. The paid version costs $20.00. So we recommend using the free version first before getting into the paid one.

Prerequisite of the process:

Let’s first see anything you need to install iMessage on PC. It is essential to arrange everything beforehand. All you need here is:-

  • You will require an active internet connection in your PC for downloading the necessary application to install iMessage.
  • Next is the iPadian app which you can download from their official website.

Step By Step Process to get iMessage by iPadian.

Step 1. First, you have to download the iPadian in your PC.


Step 2. Once downloading is complete, locate the program file and click to install it in your PC.


Step 3. You need to follow the wizard for a perfect installation.

download ipadian

Step 4. After Installation completion, launch the app in Windows PC.

install ipadian

Step 5. Once you open the iPadian, you will find the following screen with iMessage in it.

Open iPadian

Step 6. Click on the app and the following screen will come.

activate imessage

Step 7. Provide the Phone number and Name and start enjoying iMessage for PC.

#3. Access iPhone screen in PC using Mirroring 360.

Mirroring 360 is an app which provides you with the opportunity to create a mirror of your iPhone or iPad in your PC. Once you can mirror any Apple device in your PC, you can access the iMessage. But there is some prerequisite of the process to follow.

access iphone screen on pc

Prerequisite for this process

  • You need to have both the iOS device and your PC connected through the same Wi-Fi. If anyone is not in the same network, the process will not work.
  • You require to have to get mirroring360. It is not a free app, and you have to purchase it. The price of the app currently is $11.99. However, you can have a trial of the application of 7 days before purchasing.

Step by step process to access iMessage via Mirroring 360

  • Download and install mirroring360 sender in your windows PC.
  • Once you launch the app, you will find the devices available in the same network.
  • Select your iPhone device.
  • You will see a mirrored screen of your iPhone.
  • You have to select apple iMessage for pc from the mirrored screen and bingo.

#4. Access iMessage History Using iMyFone D-Port

You can access your iMessage history through a third party programme called iMyFone D-Port.

This app enables you to export your iMessage chat history to your windows PC. The feature of the tool is as follows:

  • It can access test message as well as media files like photos videos recordings and all.
  • You can preview data before exporting it. So you can choose the data you need. Ir can view the iCloud data
  • Following are the steps to transfer the data from your iOS device running iOS 12 to Windows PC.

Prerequisite for this process

Download and install iMyFone D-Port in your pc from our below link.

Step by step process to access iMeaasge via iMyFone D-Port

Step 1. Launch the program and go to the export from ios device. Once you select that you will be asked to connect your ios device to pc if it is not already connected.

Step 2. Once you click start, you will be asked to choose the file type you want to export. Select the message and go next.

imessage from imyfone

Step 3. After this start scanning your device through iMyFone D-Port. Keep your patience as it examines the whole iOS storage.

scanning process

Step 4. Once the scanning is finished, it will show the iMessage data in your device. Now you select the data you want to export to your PC. Once finished click the export data and select the destination location in your PC.

imessages in pc using imyfone

In this way, you can easily access iMessage data in your PC.

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So here we conclude our article with the best possible option to avail iMessage on pc. Among all the methods we find the easiest one is to avail through mirroring 360. Although the app requires a cost, that is worthy in terms of its full functionality and usefulness. You can try all the method instead and can serve your views below.

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