How to Trade on Roblox for All Items : Step By Step Tutorial for 2019

roblox trading guide explained

Most of the Roblox users don’t know how to trade on roblox properly. Even if they know, they still get dumped by other users while trading with rare and valuable items.

Usually, roblox users or traders don’t offer the right value for your items, no matter how rare or limited edition items you have.

The same thing happens when you offer someone a good deal with your items and/or with robux, most of the users decline your offer even if it’s beneficial for them.

Why do they do it?

It’s simple, they just want even higher benefit from your offer.

Then how to sell your items on roblox with a decent deal?

In this article below, we will study a lot about how to deal with such users and get the right trading options as per your expectations against the items or robux you are offering them.

For now, let’s just focus on learning how to trade on roblox effectively using the step by step guide for roblox roblox trading along with respective roblox pictures.

Before moving ahead to roblox how to trade guide, we must understand that there are 2 phases of proper trading in the roblox game. Those are;

  • Optimizing Your Account for Trading.
  • Actual Roblox Trading.

In the first phase of the trading, you need to optimize your account and prepare to be ready for roblox trade. While in the second phase, will see how actual roblox trading works.

Phase 1. Optimizing Your Account for Trading

1. Get Access to Builders Club Membership

In order to be able to trade in roblox, you need to enroll for Builders Club Membership. The Builders Club Membership not only provide you all types of access in the roblox but it is also the most affordable tool to have easy robux today in 2019. As seen in the roblox picture below, you can be a member of BC by paying as cheap as $5.95 a month.

If you are an Outrageous Member in the roblox, then you are not only getting free items on roblox but also eligible for various roblox gifts you will receive by time to time from roblox community.

how to trade in roblox

2. Enable Trading Option from Your Roblox Account

Once you are done with selecting and opting the best membership for you, it is now time to enable the trading option for your account in roblox r. Just login to your roblox account >> Account Settings >> Privacy Tab >> (If you are already a builders club member), then you will find “Trade Accessibility” option >> Set this setting to “Open to Trade” and you are good to go.

enable trading in roblox

3. Try To Get Rare & Limited Edition Items

After enabling the Trade Option from your roblox account, it is now time to invest in some rare and valuable items. In the catalog section of the game, you will find all the items listed for you to buy in the game.

There are millions of items available from roblox free items to paid items. You have to check for the rarest of the rare and limited edition items for your inventory. Do not worry, finding rare items in roblox may be tricky but not an impossible task. It is because roblox catalog list updates very frequently, so everybody who is in the hunt for such rare items automatically gets chance to grab one instantly.

The only thing you need to consider while grabbing a rare or limited edition item is to buy it as soon as you see it. Because there are millions of users are simultaneously online and hunting for the same thing that you want (rare or valuable items) it becomes very hard to act quickly and buy an item for you.

The Trick

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit in front of the items window and wait hours for getting a rare item. Instead, you can make use of some premium plugins that will notify you whenever there is an obtainable rare item available for you to buy.

One of such premium plugin is called Roblox +.

Remember, there are also several scam copies of this plugin made by others so choose only real, and legit plugin for you. Always check for reviews, download count and ratings before buying it. You can use Roblox+ in your chrome browser as an extension.

The more rare items in your inventory is equal to better the deal with minimum or no efforts. Now you just need to feed your inventory with lots of rare items along with some limited editions too.

inventory option in roblox

Phase 2. Actual Roblox Trading

4. Search Users on Roblox to Trade With

After optimizing your roblox account and collecting the desired number of rare items, you are now good to go for trade as well as to earn some robux by using trade option. Now all you need to do is just go to the Roblox Homepage and search for BC Members/Your Friends with whom you can trade. Also, the trading can only be possible when both the buyer and sellers are respective members of builder’s club membership and both are open to trade with the buyer or seller is willing to include you in the trading parameters.

To start trading, go to users profile page >> click on “trade items” button. Remember, trading is not all about earning robux, there will time comes when you desperately need any item which is not available anywhere in the catalog, in this case, you can search out other users profile for the item and offer them a trade against the item you want from them.

searching traders in roblox

5. Access Trade Browser Window from Users Profile

Trade Browser Window is nothing but the path or road to initiate a trade or request an offer of trade to any user with whom you want to trade with.

Follow these steps to access trade browser window:

  1. Go to your Roblox Homepage and search for the particular User Profile in search bar.
  2. Now go to “More” option available in front of “Send Message” option in the user’s profile.
  3. Then go to “Trade Items” this option will lead you to the Trade Browser Window of the user where you are able to create or send a request of trade offer with the particular user.

trader browser window in roblox

6. Sending Your First Trade Request

You are flexible to initiate trade offers as you like. You can simply ask a user to “items against items” offer aka roblox exchange or if the seller is holding any item that is important for you, then you can also offer some extra robux along with your items to attract the seller in order to crack the trade in your favor.

Beware: If you are using robux in trading the items, then there will be 30% trade fee applicable for your transaction, and that will be including the total calculated number of robux amount.

send trading request

7. Operating the Trade Window

If everything goes well until this step, then the items of both buyers and the sellers should be visible in the trade window just like shown below in the picture of Roblox’s trade request. Now in this window, if you click on accept these item trading, they will immediately sent into the trade confirmation stage.

However, if you are not satisfied with the items in the trade, you have the ability to add remove these items (by just hovering your cursor on them.) before sending the request into confirmation stage.

Congratulations, now you know how to sell things on roblox for initial stages. Don’t forget to download our advanced tips and tricks from above on how to sell items on roblox on your conditions to get most out of every roblox trade deal.

trading window operating

8. Manage Your Trade Offers

Just like trading, managing your received trade offers are also very crucial as well as an important task when it comes to trade on your own conditions.

Here is how you can manage your trade offers:

  1. From your profile, go to your trade section.
  2. From trade section, you will see an option called Trade Type, click on it.
  3. Now you are on trade page. Here you can see the offers that other users have provided to you against the items available in your inventory.

Here, you get 3 options for each trade offers to make decisions.

  • Accept the trade
  • Counter the trade
  • Decline the trade

As far as the accepting and declining trade requests are concerned, we know what that means. However, countering the trade means you are not satisfied with the offer that user is giving you against your items, and you need more than what offered by the user.

In this situation, simply click on the counter button which will notify the user that you need more than s/he offered for this trade. Next time s/he may offer you more than previous which is a good trick you can use in these offers.

managing trade offers

Each offer has the validity period of 4 days. That means you can accept, decline or counter the offer in 4 days until the offer is valid to trade.

Knowing the Worth of Your Items for Trading

It is very important for you to know the actual current worth of the items that you own in your inventory. Because there are lots of traders who will scam you by asking trade for any valuable item in very cheap rate. So it is better to know the worth of the item that you are trading for.

Well, calculating all the items for their Recent Average Price excluding the trade fees for your reasonable profit is very time consuming as well as not possible for regular trading.

In this case, one can easily look onto some roblox item valuation calculating websites available online. These websites will show you the exact current RAP of your item in seconds.

The most popular website is RbxRocks. You can try it for calculating the worth of your rare items before sending or accepting any trade request.

Additional Roblox Trading Tips, Guides & Rules You Should Know

Trading Tips and Tricks

1. Introduce Yourself Socially

It is very important to introduce yourself as a trader to the roblox community. Unless people don’t recognize you, they will never trust you when it comes to trading. Go socially, contribute to the roblox community, join groups, give your opinions and highlight yourself as a responsible roblox trader.

You need to create a good trader image of yourself slowly and patiently. The more you socialize, the more trading offers you start receiving. Introducing yourself to a trading community is the first and foremost important step in order to make your first trade happen so quickly and smoothly.

2. Selecting Items for Trade

As a trader, it is very important for you to choose and collect the right items always. There are millions of items being in trade on roblox on daily basis. Some of them are so popular that they are called as evergreen items and some of them becomes popular for short period.

The short time popular items are good to trade always, but keep it in mind that they will lose their popularity very soon; so it is better to get rid of them after sometimes if they did not got offered by anyone; as now they will become a liability to your inventory.

Try to collect those items only which are offered by very few sellers and have a lot of demand in the past (in the past means in last couple of months). These items are hard to find but you can study for such items using the collectibles section and charts and graphs given on the items page which will clear your path for making decision regarding that item.

There are also such items which are always trading in the market no matter how much they cost, but they are always essential in the market and they never get stuck in the inventory for so long. These items neither very costly nor very cheap, but they have a lot of potentials to keep you earning a little bit profit every time you buy and sell them in the active market.

3. Learn the Trading Art

Trading is an art and not everyone can do this just like that. You need to study a lot before offering someone of before accepting someone’s offer.

Try to read the item charts and transactions that happened in the past for that particular item and then recognize the demand and supply of that item in coming days.

You need unique trading mind to do the predictions about any item in roblox trading. It is neither that hard nor that easy. The one who can assume the demand and supply of any item, can win the whole deals in the roblox trading system.

4. Read Trader’s Mind

Whenever someone offers you trade against any of your item, immediately go and check that items statistics along with the past happened trades and the RAP. You can also check what sellers are offering for the same product, this will clear you the exact worth of that item according to the current situations and then you can properly think about the deal someone is offering you for the product he wants from you. If the deal is not as expected, simply counter the deal here, because the trader will not be going to have the same deal from other sellers at all.

I hope now you understood how to donate robux in roblox and how to give people robux. The above guide showed you the best way to transfer robux to your friends easily. Now you can help that one friend who is short in robux and you can fill up his robux stock very easily.

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