My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats: Top 7 Legit Hacks to Earn Free Diamonds

my story choose your own path cheats

My story choose your own path is a narrative style game published by Nanobit. This game gives you a chance to take part in the story of Mona’s life, she is young women with many stories to share.

In this game, you have to help Mona to take individual decisions. You have to help her very carefully because these decisions may affect on the outcome of the story. All these decisions fix Mona’s destiny. In this game, there are two currencies tickets and diamonds, out which diamonds are a primary currency.

Diamonds are difficult to get so you must know the legit my story choose your own path cheats and tricks to get free diamonds. First I would like to introduce you all with the game.

The game my story choose your own path allows you to live different lives. You can experience to be an aspiring movie star, New York socialite, college drama, or a rich heiress. You can personalize your character; choose your hairstyle and clothes etc.

The story of the game is entirely depend on your decisions that determine how popular you are, how well you get along with your friends, and who you fall in love with.

There are multiple genre of stories like drama, romantic, comedy, etc. from which you can choose your favorite genre. This game keeps on adding new stories so one cannot get bored of playing the same story.

Well, not its time to learn all the My Story Cheats and guides for getting free diamonds. So let’s take a look!

List of Top 7 Actionable My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats & Hacks

1. Finish The Chapters Quickly

Finishing the chapters quickly is one of the best My story choose your own path hack. This is the main gateway if you want to obtain the diamonds. When you start with the game, you will get 25 diamonds in your account and once you start to finish the chapters you account will be credited with one diamond for every chapter completion.

You can use these diamonds to change the outfits or change hairstyle of the character. So be fast and make use of such my story cheats to obtain as many diamonds as you can. On the other hand, if you finish the task without a single mistake, then you can even get the bonus ticket as well.

2. Watch Ads

This is one more important my story hack that helps you to earn diamonds for free. If you exhausted with diamonds from your game, then you can go to the settings and click on the watch add tab and once you finish with watching add your game account will be credited with the one diamond.

Now, this hack might use your extra mobile data, but you can use this method as many times as you want and watching these ads inform you about the new games available in the market. So take benefit of these my story choose your own path cheats for getting free diamonds.

3. Connect with Social Media

If you want to obtain more my story cheats for free tickets and diamonds, then connecting social media is the excellent source for it. What you have to do is to keep tracking of the Facebook page of this game.

If you get connected with the official Facebook page of the My story choose you path game then you can take benefits of earning bonus tickets and diamond through regular contests that are arranged by the developers of the game.

The social media pages inform users about the new offers for getting my story free tickets and diamonds.

4. Rush To Finish 4 Chapters

This is the excellent my story choose your path cheats as it helps you to earn diamonds and ticket as well. As I have already told you all that getting diamonds and ticket is a challenging task in this game.

You have to work hard for it and finish the chapters. Try to reach the 4th chapter as early as possible because this will help you to open the reward box. This reward box may contain diamond or even tickets.

For obtaining tickets, you have to wait for 50 minutes timer to finish. So if you play a game for 5 hrs a day, then you may get approximately five tickets in a day. Hence, instead of waiting, you can utilize this time to play the game and finish chapters to open a reward box.

5. Invite Friends through Social Networking Sites

Inviting friends through social media is one of the important my story choose your own path cheats because this helps you to earn some more diamonds and tickets as well. You can send invites to your friend list via Facebook and Whatsapp.

You just have to go on your Facebook page, and in the notification bar, you will get the notification as send invites click on it and send invites to your friends. The number of diamonds and tickets you are getting depends on the number of friends who accepts the invite and join the game.

Hence, try this my story cheats to get additional diamonds and tickets in your game.

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Final Verdict

Finally, we have wrapped up with all my story choose your own path cheats and hacks that help you to get the free resources from the game. If you ever imagined living the life of a doctor or an actor, then you can fulfill that imagination by playing this game.

We hope that the list of my story hacks and cheats will help you to make your game easy to play. If you know any other hacks and cheats that you think we should add in this article, then please do share with us. We are eager to know your valuable Feedback.

We will come back with some more updates as we go into the depth of this game. Stay connected with us. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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