Top 8 Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Android Phone

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Android launchers are something that may help you to spice up your phone’s interface and helps you to call, message and to launch apps with style. Everyone wants their phone to look attractive and want to do customization as per their need or requirement.

Android launchers help you to change arrange, interact and organize your apps in a lovely way that makes your phone more attractive. There are number of Android launchers available but having one of the best android launchers in your phone is very important.

Android phones cannot be operated without launchers, and every device comes with its pre-installed launcher. Android launchers come with lots of customization options that help you to change your phone interface, but you cannot do it in your default launcher as it is protected to do so.

The operating system is one of the important things that we all consider while purchasing a new mobile phone and we want it friendly, beautiful, and must have lots of personalization options. If you got bored with the interface of the phone, then you may use any of the following android launchers that may help you in the makeover of the phone.

Best Android Launcher for 2019

1. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher helps you to make your phone faster and easy to operate. You can experience an exceptional replacement of Home screen that designed with presentations in mind. This app is deliciously different and gives a breathtaking performance.

Features of Evie Launcher:-

  • It searches in depth of all mobile apps in one place.
  • It comes with instant navigation feature that allows you to get instant access to your apps if you are not in the mood to use the fast search process.
  • You can create custom shortcuts by long press on search buttons.
  • You can personalize layouts, icon size, wallpapers and much more.

New Features:-

  • You can choose a search engine and lock Home screen icons.
  • This app Shows local results and regularly used apps in the search.
  • It helps you to customize the app drawer and folder framework.

New Updates:-

  1. Ability to arrange apps alphabetical order.
  2. You can remove Home screen backup now.

Download Evie Launcher from official Google Play Store

2. Nova Launcher

Customize your home screen with Nova Launcher. This app is the best launcher for android because you can change icons, animations, layouts and more by using Nova Launcher.

Features of Nova Launcher:-

  1. You can find thousands of themes for Nova launcher on play store.
  2. With the help of desktop grid cell, you can take a snap of widget or icons.
  3. It has color control for folders, unread badges, labels, background and drawer tabs.
  4. You can create numerous dock and scroll in between them.
  5. Its experience backup system helps you to take backup of desktop layout and launcher settings.
  6. It creates a widget with a group of apps that makes faster to use.
  7. You can custom tabs by vertical or horizontal scrolling.

New Updates:-

  1. Options for more adaptive icons available.
  2. New window styles in the folder.
  3. You can share shapes of folder background as adaptive icons.
  4. Vertical and horizontal scrolling options to the folders.
  5. Search bar for app drawer stylized like on the desktop.

Download Nova Launcher from official Google Play Store

3. Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher is something best of Google to your home screen. Those who want a fast and clean home screen they must upgrade with this launcher that comes with some of the fantastic features.

Features of the Google Now Launcher:-

  1. Google now cards give you accurate information on the right time.
  2. From every home screen, you will get a quick command to search.
  3. You can instruct your phone what to do with your voice by saying “Ok Google” whether it may be sending text messages or playing songs no matter this app will do all for you.
  4. You can arrange apps in alphabetical order and can do fast scrolling and quick searching of the apps.

New Updates:-

  1. Vertical scrolling of A-Z apps that lists with fast scrolling.
  2. Folders can be large and can have more than a single page.
  3. You can search apps on your device or from the new one on play store from the alphabetically arranged list..
  4. The updated version includes the new marshmallow wallpapers.
  5. For device intelligence app suggestions will be used.

Download Google Now Launcher from official Google Play Store

4. Launcher iOS 12

Launcher iOS 12 sets the new standard for the operating system. This app transforms your phone like never before. Use of this app makes your phone more powerful and intelligent device.

Features of Launcher iOS 12:-

  1. You will get rounded-corner icons and animation instead of transitions.
  2. You setting menu will be arranged like iOS, and you will feel like Apple Assistive touch.
  3. This app contains default iOS themes that allow you to do multiple persnalizations.

New Updates:-

  1. Add wallet, radio, TV, Messenger, Videos, Podcast, News, Netflix, Face time, Reminders, Home, Mifit, Maps icons during change icons.
  2. All the issues suggested by users are fixed.

Download Launcher iOS 12 from official Google Play Store

5. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the best android launcher as it transforms your phone like windows and helps you to stay organized and productive. You can get quick command over important information like sticky notes, calendar, to do list and much more.

Features of Microsoft Launcher:-

  1. You can pin contacts anywhere to the home screen so that whenever you want to contact in an emergency no need to search in the contact list.
  2. Cortana digital assistance helps to be more productive.
  3. See your important information such as news, contacts, docs, calendar events and much more at the peak in the personalized feed.
  4. Click the photo on mobile and can see it on your Windows PC.
  5. You can tap twice to lock the phone or to swipe the apps.

New Updates:-

  1. Time and weather widget to be updated with it.
  2. UX refinements for the home screen, search widget, and dock.
  3. Customers with a work profile can get command over work apps.
  4. My day and Flagged Emails are now supported by Tasks card.
  5. Technology as a news interest supported by news tab.

Download Microsoft Launcher from official Google Play Store

6. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is the best theme launcher for android to personalize your phone interface. This app is the choice of more than 10 million users because of its amazing features.

Features of Apex Launcher:-

  1. This secures your apps by hiding and locking them to protect your privacy.
  2. This app is efficient and helps you in quick search, backup & restore to improve your work.
  3. You can redesign launcher by fancy and 3D transition effects.
  4. Contains free icon packs and theme to customize the phone interface.
  5. You can lock your desktop to protect from accidental changes.

New Updates:-

  1. Changing the color of the badge border is possible now.
  2. Add configuration for notification badge.

Download Apex Launcher from official Google Play Store

7. Niagra Launcher

Niagra Launcher gives your phone a fancy look with minimal Home screen. This app helps you to begin with a new screen with minimalist UI. You can open apps quickly because of its unique design and can use your phone with a single hand.

Features of Niagra Launcher:-

  1. All app will be arranged in alphabetical order and according to usage.
  2. You can read your incoming messages on your Home screen and can see full notification by swiping right side.
  3. Unwanted notifications get blocked by this app.
  4. Niagra launcher hides the annoying in-build apps and gives you a clean Home-screen.

New Updates:-

This app is still under development process and updated following features

  1. Latest version helps you to manage the space above your favorites by pressing long on it.
  2. Scrolling performance is improved and prevent a few crashes.
  3. Updated translations.

Download Niagra Launcher from official Google Play Store

8. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 with its brand new designs and features became the best launcher for android. The smart launcher is innovative that makes your mobiles and tablets perform faster.

Features of Smart Launcher 5:-

  1. This app changes the theme to match with wallpaper automatically.
  2. This app contains beautiful and bigger icons.
  3. There is no need to arrange apps anymore; this app automatically sorts the apps for you.
  4. This app is designed in such a way that can be used by a single hand also.
  5. Search bar of this app allows you to a quick search of any contact or apps.
  6. This app has in-built clock widget and weather.
  7. This app show you the which app has the active notification; you don’t have to download an extra plugin.
  8. Gestures and hotkeys are supported by Smart launcher 5 app.
  9. Smart launcher protects your apps and allows you to select wallpaper from multiple sources of pictures.

New Updates:-

  1. Modular page system.
  2. A news page that give you news of the day on your home screen.
  3. Blur effects and redesigned menus.

Download Smart Launcher 5 from official Google Play Store

Final Verdict

Android launchers bring joy to your mobile usage by making your screen beautiful.You are unique, and we think your phone screen should too, that’s why we tried to list the best android launcher apps for you. If you know any other apps that may give better experience from the above-listed app then do share with us.

We tried our best to provide the best performing apps that may help you to use your phone in a quick and easy way. Thanks for reading the article and share your thoughts with us. Stay connected for more information. Enjoy!!

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